Online Advice

Online Advice

Do I have to pay a PCN?

Yes all private parking charges are enforceable and yes they must be paid.

What if I ignore it ?

If the PCN is ignored, it will only make matters worse. Extra charges, debt recovery and court costs can be added to the initial cost.

The Internet says not to pay

Most of the content about parking charges online, is vastly incorrect. Don`t risk a CCJ being issued against you and having to pay alot more than the original charge cost.

Have you been searching the internet for advice on appeals or if private companies can enforce tickets?

We thought it would only be fair to give you the correct information.

Last year the Supreme Court in London ruled that private companies can legally enforce PCNs, this is why larger amounts of people that just totally ignore them will be in the process of being taken to court.

The full judgment is here for you to read:
The worst thing to do is just ignore it.